Are you an enthusiastic and committed volunteer? Come join the Regent Park Film Festival volunteer team!
The Festival runs November 15-18, 2017. Click 'Apply Now', tell us more about yourself, and we can keep you posted on year-round and Festival volunteer opportunities.

We welcome individuals of all identities, abilities and experience levels to apply.
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Wonderful! We are looking to recruit volunteers for our upcoming fundraiser and festival.

Shift Dates:
Fundraising Screening -  October 12, 2017
Regent Park Film Festival - November 15-18, 2017

Note all volunteers are expected to attend (1) mandatory training session prior to EACH event, training dates are TBD.
Which volunteer activities interest you most? *

Are you interested and available to volunteer for our Fundraiser on Thursday, October 12?

If yes, you will be contacted before the end of September. *

Would you be interested in helping out with administrative tasks in-office leading up to the festival? (shifts would be during office hours 10-6, M-F)

Want to join our Volunteer Captain team?

We are looking for leaders to oversee the different groups of volunteers during the Festival. Captains will get an insider look at Festival operations and production. You will directly support the Festival coordination team, and be provided with an excellent engagement and learning opportunity.  Let us know what makes you Captain material below!
Is there anything else you want to share with us? (i.e. what are your hobbies, strengths, celebrity crushs, favourite movies?)

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